• Mr & Mrs Hollywood

    Mr. & Mrs. Hollywood

    The inside story of how the ultimate power couple built a string of studios into a global industry.

  • Blood Medicine

    Blood Medicine

    Ever wonder why you pay so much for health care? Follow the money in this thrilling true tale.

  • Stalking the Beast

    Stalking The BeastA breezy primer on the evolution of Hollywood, viewed through the three King Kong films and including the last interview with Faye Wray.

  • In Good Faith

    In Good FaithWhen "a piece of the rock" crumbled into just another lump of coal, millions of investors lost.

How to save health care dollars

If one drug maker can bilk Medicare of $1 billion, how many others are doing the same to Medicare, Medicaid and you? Unfortunately, many of them overbill us, based on the multi-billion-dollar fines paid by top drug makers in the past decade.

Knowing this can help consumers and companies save money, as Kathleen discusses in her talks and presentations.

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